Yangon for expats

Most expats first experiences in Myanmar are at the Yangon International Airport. The good news is that the airport recently finished renovations and expanded services for departing and arriving passengers. Unfortunately, they did not add more customs counters or officials to man them. once you pass through customs your bags will be waiting for youContinue reading “Yangon for expats”

End of Journey

I recently had the pleasure of filming a local celebrity, Van Pimpenstein’s private rooftop performance of “End of Journey” by Myanmar singer Lay Phyu. He was accompanied by Sarah Grabowski on the viola. Click the read more button to see the video.

Procastination hurts

Right now on the back end of this website I have 13 different blog posts in various states of non-completion. Some are fully written, but lacking pictures, others are only two sentences and a title, all describing the next great topic for me to post here in this space. a lot of them exist inContinue reading “Procastination hurts”

VLOGS we love – Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate’s YouTube channel is a fantastic resource. Their film style is cinematic and they almost always, manage to show non-touristy experiences. Moreover, they convey their experiences in a way that makes you feel like you are there experiencing it with them. This is accomplished by frequent use of the first person viewpoint and talkingContinue reading “VLOGS we love – Kara and Nate”