large white British colonial building .
The White Swan Bakery is located on the northeastern side of Inya Lake in Yangon. When you park in front you are treated to a view of a gorgeous British Colonial mansion on well-manicured grounds. The White Swan had its soft opening the first week of July in the month since then they have garnered almost eighteen thousand facebook likes and a constant stream of tagged Instagram images praising their gorgeous location and delicious food. You can also find them on their Facebook page here. My visit to the White Swan was at lunchtime on a Saturday. As we entered the front doors we were treated to the sight of two large cases full of baked goods on either side of the entrance, ahead of us was a long hallway leading to a set of doors that open onto the patio.
A long hallway in a British Colonial Mansion.
The entrance hallway at the White Swan Bakery looking towards the entrance.
Once seated, we ordered coffee and smoothies to start with. Lunch was Lobster Bisque with Prawns, Ceasar Salad in a bread bowl, and a Pork Burger made from a delicious pork sausage with a side of potato wedges and pickled mushrooms & carrots. All of it was amazing. Lunch was capped off with a complimentary slice of cheesecake. The cheesecake itself was what the chef calls his “Double Cheesecake.” It was chocolate on the bottom half, plain cheesecake on the top half with a crushed Oreo cookie crust. Words don’t do it justice. It was delicious.
a burger made from pork sausage with potato wedges on the side sitting on a wooden cutting board with the White Swan Logo engraved on the upper right corner.
The Pork Burger with potato wedges and pickled mushrooms and carrots.
After finishing lunch we met the Chef Tham. Rongrote Thamtiang is a Thai national and one of three chefs partnered together to open the White Swan Bakery. He was friendly and welcomed and seemed genuinely excited to hear that we enjoyed the food he had prepared. After talking to the chef we wandered the grounds out back. we took in the views of Inya lake and enjoyed the (relatively) cool temperatures during the brief interlude between rain storms. Overall I would say that the White Swan Bakery is an excellent place to enjoy a meal during monsoon season in Yangon.
Trees, well manicured foliage and a small gazebo in the foreground with Inya lake in the background.
Looking towards Inya lake from the back patio.

See the Instagram feed for the Bakery’s location below

(Authors note: my visit to the white swan was an impromptu visit and all photos were taken with an iPhone.)