Monsoon season is in full swing here in Yangon and content is king. Although I have spent much time inside, I have been making a lot of changes behind the scenes on this website. I have been expanding and updating entries in the knowledge base/wiki (i’m still not entirely sure what i want to call it), and have been talking to and interviewing expats and locals alike for articles about both Yangon and Myanmar in general. Expect to see articles and interviews soon on this blog.

Despite having more than 100 entries in the wiki the content is not easily accessible or easy browse. I’m working on it. I upgraded the search function and added a feature that suggests related content based on keywords and tags. Next on the list is designing a standard information box for the wiki and implementing it in a way that is easy to replicate on each post. I want to see the Who, Why What, Where, etc. information for each place that is added to the database.

Would you like to contribute? Have you found anything on this site that is inaccurate? I do strive for complete accuracy and I visit everything listed here. I would, however, enjoy working with other like minded individuals. If you’re interested in contributing in any way to the content of this site then please email me at Jeremy (at) Wandertastic (dot) com.