Right now on the back end of this website I have 13 different blog posts in various states of non-completion. Some are fully written, but lacking pictures, others are only two sentences and a title, all describing the next great topic for me to post here in this space. a lot of them exist in the twilight zone between those two states, half finished and waiting on divine inspiration before becoming the amazing blocks of text I know they can be. And yet, they sit there waiting for me to spend time with them, waiting for the narrative to be crafted and the amazing images to be shot. You’re reading this text right now because I decided that enough was enough and decided to publish something, anything, instead of letting it languish in draft hell. That’s why your reading this, instead of something more inspiring in this space. So, on to the good stuff.

My vision for this site when I launched it was for it to be a wiki-style encyclopedic resource for travelers and locals alike to visit, update, be inspired by, and with any luck, find useful. According to my visitor stats, the site has a lot of readers but you’re not finding the wiki. As I write about Yangon, my current city, the wiki automatically links the word to the relevant post. It also works for Myanmar, Kalaw, and Saung Naing Gyi waterfall. But I have to write about and mention them first. The wiki is not immediately easy to find or navigate through unless you know what you’re looking for. The solutions to those problems are easy to find and I’ll start looking for them now. If you have a suggestion for increasing the useabilty of this site, or are intersting in contributing then please contact me and lets chat!