What is Wanderlust Fantastic?

Wandertastic is the combination of Wanderlust and Fantastic. Wanderlust is defined as the strong desire to travel, and Fantastic is something extraordinarily good or attractive.

I’m a wanderer at heart. I love setting out for a walk with no destination in mind. To explore for the sake of seeing things for the first time fills me with joy. I also like to take notes about places I’ve visited. I’ll scribble little notes one of the many small notebooks I have on me at any given time. Later I’ll look through the notebooks and highlight the places I want to re-visit or learn more about. This site is the result of those notebooks. It’s a collection of experiences and places, things, and people. My hope is that you will join me on this journey and use this site to share your experiences and favorite places.

My name is Jeremy and I like to explore.

Have questions? Contact me at Jeremy (at) Wandertastic.com

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