End of Journey

I recently had the pleasure of filming a local celebrity, Van Pimpenstein’s private rooftop performance of “End of Journey” by Myanmar singer Lay Phyu. He was accompanied by Sarah Grabowski on the viola. Click the read more button to see the video.

Walking through downtown Yangon

When researching a new location I like to watch as many videos as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a documentary, a vlog, or even simple footage from the streets. Any and everything that adds context and background to my research is fair game. The video below is a great example of street footage that shows everyday life and what […]

VLOGS we love – Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate’s YouTube channel is a fantastic resource. Their film style is cinematic and they almost always, manage to show non-touristy experiences. Moreover, they convey their experiences in a way that makes you feel like you are there experiencing it with them. This is accomplished by frequent use of the first person viewpoint and talking directly into the camera. This […]

White Swan Bakery & Restaurant

The White Swan Bakery is located on the northeastern side of Inya Lake in Yangon. When you park in front you are treated to a view of a gorgeous British Colonial mansion on well-manicured grounds. The White Swan had its soft opening the first week of July in the month since then they have garnered almost eighteen thousand facebook likes and […]

Yangon Zay Farmers Market

Having just learned about the Yangon Zay Farmers Market I am sad that I have to wait until the third Sunday of the month to catch the next one. So far, everyone I have asked about the event has raved about it. Embedded below is a video by Ei Kyawt Khaing chronicling her experience at the Yangon Zay farmers market.

Retro Retro – Home Decor Store

Retro Retro is a fantastic little home decor store. It’s tucked away on a side street a few kilometers behind Myanmar Plaza. Their stock is from Thailand, Taiwan, and other points on the map. The shop is filled with everything from candles and scents to bowls and plates, to artwork for your walls.

Saung Naing Gyi Waterfall

Within three hours drive from downtown Yangon lies a place so beautiful it will take your breath away. The Saung Naing Gyi Waterfall is only a few miles from Golden Rock, but it is far enough off the beaten path that there are not any signs in English telling you how to find it. The residents of the village closest to […]

Welcome to Myanmar

Myanmar is a fantastic place to visit. Satisfy your wanderlust with exotic locations and friendly residents. Our journal entry for Myanmar is live and is worth a read for anyone considering visiting. The article is also a great jumping off point for finding other interesting places to see inside the country.

Myanmar Etiquette

Myanmar etiquette is based upon respect for others.  From early childhood the idea of respect toward elders and anyone who holds an important or prestigious position, such as teachers and monks, is ingrained in the Myanmar people.  Monks (called phongyi in Burmese) are especially respected, even by their parents and teachers.  If you wish to greet a monk, put your […]