Saung Naing Gyi Waterfall

Within three hours drive from downtown Yangon lies a place so beautiful it will take your breath away. The Saung Naing Gyi Waterfall is only a few miles from Golden Rock, but it is far enough off the beaten path that there are not any signs in English telling you how to find it. The residents of the village closest to […]

Welcome to Myanmar

Myanmar is a fantastic place to visit. Satisfy your wanderlust with exotic locations and friendly residents. Our journal entry for Myanmar is live and is worth a read for anyone considering visiting. The article is also a great jumping off point for finding other interesting places to see inside the country.

Myanmar Etiquette

Myanmar etiquette is based upon respect for others.  From early childhood the idea of respect toward elders and anyone who holds an important or prestigious position, such as teachers and monks, is ingrained in the Myanmar people.  Monks (called phongyi in Burmese) are especially respected, even by their parents and teachers.  If you wish to greet a monk, put your […]

Kafe in Town – great coffee in Yangon

Located in downtown Yangon, the Kafe in Town has western style coffee, modern, climate controlled atmosphere with comfortable seating and Western-style desserts such as cheesecake, brownies, carrot cake. Smoothies, and fresh fruit juice. The WiFi is fast and free and the service is almost overbearing. The prices are reasonable though, so hang out, have some fresh coffee or fruit juice […]

Hello world! Come say hi to our new corner of the internet.

Welcome to Wanderlust Fantastic This is the beginning of something Beautiful. Wanderlust Fantastic is dedicated to bringing you information from destinations around the world. We aim to be a repository of knowledge for all things local. Want to find the perfect spa or the best pizza in a new town? This is the place to find all that and more. […]