Procastination hurts

Right now on the back end of this website I have 13 different blog posts in various states of non-completion. Some are fully written, but lacking pictures, others are only two sentences and a title, all describing the next great topic for me to post here in this space. a lot of them exist in the twilight zone between those […]

Site updates and shenanigans

Monsoon season is in full swing here in Yangon and content is king. Although I have spent much time inside, I have been making a lot of changes behind the scenes on this website. I have been expanding and updating entries in the knowledge base/wiki (i’m still not entirely sure what i want to call it), and have been talking […]

Hello world! Come say hi to our new corner of the internet.

Welcome to Wanderlust Fantastic This is the beginning of something Beautiful. Wanderlust Fantastic is dedicated to bringing you information from destinations around the world. We aim to be a repository of knowledge for all things local. Want to find the perfect spa or the best pizza in a new town? This is the place to find all that and more. […]