Botahtaung Pagoda

This pagoda is located just off of Strand road next to the Yangon River and very near the Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel. ‘Bo’ means “Military Leader” and “Tahtaung” means “one thousand”. The “Botahtaung” Pagoda was named after the thousand military leaders who escorted relics of the ‘Buddha’ brought from India over 2,000 years ago. It is possible to walk through […]

Buddha’s Replica Tooth Relic Pagoda

One Sacred Replica Tooth Relic was enshrined in the Buddha’s Replica Tooth Relic Pagoda on Dhammapala Hill in Mayangon Township. The pagoda was built with cash donations from the people of Myanmar and Buddhist donors around the world.

Chauk Htat Kyi

Chauk Htat Kyi is located on Shwegondaing Road. This colossal (70 meters long) Reclining Buddha statue is one of the largest images in Burma. The original image was built in 1907, but it suffered damage due to the damp climate over the years. In 1957, it was demolished and the current structure was rebuilt in 1966.  

Immaneul Baptist Church

One of the oldest Churches in Yangon is located at the corner of Maha Bandula Road and Maha Bandula Garden Street (just east of Sule Pagoda). Built in 1885 by an American missionary, the church was destroyed during World War II but rebuilt in 1952.American Baptist International Ministries, which at that time was called the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. One […]

Kaba Aye Pagodoa

The name “Kaba Aye” in Burmese means “World Peace” to which this pagoda is dedicated. Built in 1952, this pagoda is significant for the Sixth World Buddhist Synod, which was held in its large precinct in 1954. The Buddhist Art Museum, Maha Pasana Cave and newly built Wizaya Mingala Dhammathabin Hall are also located in the same precinct.

Kandawgyi Lake

The “great Royal Lake” as it translates was created by the British using water channeled from Inya Lake. Kandawgyi Lake is approximately 8 km in circumference and very shallow. there are many attractions around the lake such as Karaweik Palace, the Aquarium (scheduled to re-open sometime after 2020), a boardwalk in various states of repair, and disrepair), Utopia Tower, lots […]

Karaweik Palace

Sitting in the middle of Kandawgyi Lake and very hard to miss, Karaweik Palace is a pagoda-style hall built in 1974 and set on a pair of barges pointing out into the lake. each barge sports a large head of the mythical bird, the Karaweik, famous for its melodious songs . The design is based on ceremonial barges used in […]

Mahar Wizaya Stupa

Mahar Wizaya was built in 1980 with relics contributed by the King of Nepal and constructed by a new architect and represents a mix of Mon-Burma Culture. It is located just beyond the Southern Stairway of Shwedagon Pagoda. When you enter from the Eastern Stairway, you will see many tortoises that were given sanctuary in the lake and if you […]

Mandalay Hill

Rising over 200 meters above the city, this landmark is scattered with pagodas. There’s an elevator to the top but it’s considered an act of merit to climb via one of the four covered staircases. At the summit, you’ll find the Su Taung Pyae (translated as “Wish Fulfilling”) Pagoda as well as gorgeous views of the city.

Martyrs’ Mausoleum

Martyrs’ Mausoleum, near Shwedagon Pagoda’s North entrance, is a memorial built to honor Aung San and six cabinet members who were assassinated. It also contains the tombs of Queen Suphayalat, wife of Burma’s last king; nationalist and writer Thakin Kodaw Hmaing; former UN Secretary-General U Thant; and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s mother, Khin Kyi.

Nagar Glass Factory

Opened in 1948 by a master glass craftsman and his wife, the factory was left to their family of five daughters and two sons who made the factory famous for its hand-blown designs. Over the years, Nagar Glass received high-profile commissions, such as the 5ft glass eyes of the Chauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha. It has done work for the Strand and other high-end […]

National Races Village

The National Races Village offer a unique opportunity to learn about the different traditions and cultures of the ethnic groups in Myanmar,. It is situated close to Thanlyin Bridge, Thaketa Township, as you across the bridge, it is directly right hand side, directly next to the river.  Opening hours is from 10:00 to 17:00. Entry fees is USD $5 per […]

People’s Park

On any given weekend you will find a plethora of couples draped across each other in every bush, under every tree, and on every bench in the park. It’s ridiculous. If you are traveling with children they will be the center of attention. The Myanmar people have an affinity for children. Some will ask if they can take pictures of […]

Secretariat Building

The recently reopened secretariat building has witnessed the most dramatic moments of Myanmar’s history. A short tour inside the building is an eye opening experience due to its grandeur, colonial architecture, and interesting stories behind each of its walls. The Secretariat was the home and administrative seats of British Burma and is the spot where General Aung San and six […]