myanmar cuisine

57 Below

57 Below is a restaurant company based in Yangon Myanmar. They currently operate three restaurants, Gekko, Union Bar, and Parami Pizza.

Karaweik Palace

Sitting in the middle of Kandawgyi Lake and very hard to miss, Karaweik Palace is a pagoda-style hall built in 1974 and set on a pair of barges pointing out into the lake. each barge sports a large head of the mythical bird, the Karaweik, famous for its melodious songs . The design is based on ceremonial barges used in […]


The national dish Mohinga is in its simplest form, a fish broth packed with rice noodles, eggs, fritter and the occasional fish head. But don’t let that put you off. It may not sound or even look, like the most appetizing of meals, but the people of Myanmar have perfected the art, adding all the right ingredients to give you […]

Rangoon Tea House

The Rangoon Tea House is a lovely restaurant located in downtown Yangon. They serve a delicious selection of traditional Myanmar foods. Be sure to try the Tea Leaf Salad. They are best summed up as a modern take on a local tea shop, with expat prices.

Shan Noodles

Originating in Shan State, this noodle dish has become a highlight of the local cuisine throughout Myanmar. Served in a noodle soup ingredients usually added are vegetables, chili, and marinated chicken or pork.


Signature sits in the Kandawgyi Lake Park and serves a selection of American, Italian, and Myanmar cuisine. The atmosphere feels like old world British and the staff are very friendly.