Kaba Aye Pagodoa

The name “Kaba Aye” in Burmese means “World Peace” to which this pagoda is dedicated. Built in 1952, this pagoda is significant for the Sixth World Buddhist Synod, which was held in its large precinct in 1954. The Buddhist Art Museum, Maha Pasana Cave and newly built Wizaya Mingala Dhammathabin Hall are also located in the same precinct.

Kafe in Town

The Kafe in Town has western style coffee, modern, climate controlled atmosphere with comfortable seating and Western-style desserts such as cheesecake, brownies, carrot cake. Smoothies, and fresh fruit juice.


Mountain City in the north of Myanmar. a great place to cool down in the hot season. To get there you can drive the 8-10 hours from Yangon or fly into the airport at Heho. Hotels Hillock Villa Kalaw Heritage Hotel Dream Mountain Resort Dream Villa Hotel Restaurants New Simple Life Red House Tour operators Ride Behind Kalaw Miscellaneous Kalaw […]

Kandawgyi Lake

The “great Royal Lake” as it translates was created by the British using water channeled from Inya Lake. Kandawgyi Lake is approximately 8 km in circumference and very shallow. there are many attractions around the lake such as Karaweik Palace, the Aquarium (scheduled to re-open sometime after 2020), a boardwalk in various states of repair, and disrepair), Utopia Tower, lots […]

Karaweik Palace

Sitting in the middle of Kandawgyi Lake and very hard to miss, Karaweik Palace is a pagoda-style hall built in 1974 and set on a pair of barges pointing out into the lake. each barge sports a large head of the mythical bird, the Karaweik, famous for its melodious songs . The design is based on ceremonial barges used in […]

Kayin & Kachin

The independent Kayin live scattered throughout central and southern Myanmar, but mainly in their own Kayin state, which they call “Kawthoolei”. Many Kayin are Christian. Because of their Christian religious leanings, they were heavily favored over the Bamar during the British colonial period.