Closely related to the Bamar, the Rakhine inhabit Rakhine state. Although they share the same Tibeto-Burman ancestors as the Bamar, the Rakhine have darker complexions, an indication of the regions 2000 year history of contact with Indian traders, sailors, and settlers. The Rohingya The Rohingya of Myanmar is one of the worlds most embattled minorities. Living in Rakhine state, the […]

Rangoon Tea House

The Rangoon Tea House is a lovely restaurant located in downtown Yangon. They serve a delicious selection of traditional Myanmar foods. Be sure to try the Tea Leaf Salad. They are best summed up as a modern take on a local tea shop, with expat prices.

Retro Retro

Retro Retro is a fantastic little home decor store. It’s tucked away on a side street a few kilometers behind Myanmar Plaza. Their stock is from Thailand, Taiwan, and other points on the map. The shop is filled with everything from candles and scents to bowls and plates, to artwork for your walls. Phone: 09-954-285-337 or 09-964-285-337  


This family-run handicrafts store offers traditional arts and crafts such as lacquerware, puppets, and stuffed “gold thread” applique tapestries. The shop also offers a wide selection of jewelry, gems, and jade that have been sourced from across Myanmar.