The Shan make up approximately 10% of Myanmar’s population. The Shan, or Tai Yai as they call themselves, are the second-largest nationality in the Union of Myanmar. Close relatives of the Thai, the Shan mainly inhabit the upland areas of northeast Myanmar. They work mostly as wet-rice farmers and practice Theravada Buddhism.

Shan Noodles

Originating in Shan State, this noodle dish has become a highlight of the local cuisine throughout Myanmar. Served in a noodle soup ingredients usually added are vegetables, chili, and marinated chicken or pork.


Sharky’s is a Yangon institution. From ice cream to steak, tortillas to pizza, and even a bakery, Sharky’s is the premier gourmet deli in Yangon. Their artisan deli and restaurant source all their ingredients from local farms. Their authentic homemade gelato and waffle cones are made fresh and available at all their locations.

Shwe Taung Tan Street

Shwe Taung Tan Street  is a great little two block slice of Yangon culture. They have a bevy of restaurants with a wide selection of foods and the architecture is worth checking out as well. This link will provide additional information.