Taukkyan War Cemetery

Taukkyan War Cemetery is on Pyay road about 25 kilometers north of town on the drive to Bago. This Neoclassical cemetery contains the graves of 6,374 named soldiers who died in the Second World War, the graves of 52 soldiers who died in Burma during the First World War, an additional 867 graves of unidentified soldiers, and memorial pillars with the […]


To protect themselves from being sunburned, Myanmar men, women, and children smear their faces in fragrant Thanaka paste made from Thanaka tree bark. Thanaka is a yellowish-white paste that is smeared on faces and arms. the creamy paste is made from ground up bark. It is worn to protect skin from burning and darkening in the sun. The fragrance closely […]

Thandaung Gyi

A unique mountain retreat. Colonial History* Founded in 1852, Thandaung Gyi is a picturesque mountain town situated in the northern mountains of Kayin state. A 5-6 hour drive from Yangon, it sits at 4,820 feet above sea level. Because of its temperate climate  it was originally used by the British as a hill station and summer resort. The architecture of […]


The Blind Tiger

The Blind Tiger is a perfect destination after dining at Gekko. From their website After spending five months lurking in the undergrowth The Blind Tiger emerged from the jungle at a new downtown location. Its exile has resulted in a leaner, more modern and “more mature” speakeasy-style bar that maintains all of its best characteristics whilst offering some new delights. […]

Tomb of the Last Mughal Emperor of India

The last Emperor of India, Bhadur Shah Zafar was exiled to Burma and died in 1862, in Yangon far from his throne in Delhi. The exact location of his tomb was kept as a secret for many years. It was only in 1991, the site was finally rediscovered. The tomb may not remain for long in Myanmar; in 2013 a […]