Bago is a great detour for a small day trip if time in Yangon allows. This is less touristy than other locations and it is home to two more large Reclining Buddha statues. The outdoor Buddha is free of flashing “Christmas” lights and viewing fees. Aside from the reclining statues, one can visit some of the less explored but beautiful […]


The Bamar are Myanmar’s majority ethnic group. They have traditionally controlled much of the country through political means, particularly the fertile central plains and Ayeyarwady valley. Originally migrants from southern China, the Bamar (or “Burmans” as they were known in colonial times) were a wet-rice farming people, Theravada Buddhist by religion, whose tonal, Tibeto-Burman tongue – Burmese – has long […]

Bangkok Kitchen

UPDATE: 1 August 2018 Bangkok Kitchen has closed their doors and is moving to a new location.  Bangkok Kitchen is located on Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon. The food is amazing, but the restaurant does not have air conditioning. It is advisable to avoid during the hot season.

Botahtaung Pagoda

This pagoda is located just off of Strand road next to the Yangon River and very near the Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel. ‘Bo’ means “Military Leader” and “Tahtaung” means “one thousand”. The “Botahtaung” Pagoda was named after the thousand military leaders who escorted relics of the ‘Buddha’ brought from India over 2,000 years ago. It is possible to walk through […]


Chillax Bistro

The Chillax bar in Nyaung Shwe is a tourist favorite. Both locals and visitors from abroad enjoy the cocktail menu and a variety of foods for almost any palate. With a menu that includes, pizza, burritos, sandwiches, and Myanmar cuisine you are sure to find something you like.

Financial Transactions in Myanmar

Most major restaurants and shops will accept USD dollars but the exchange rate will be lower than that given by the money changers. Though financial transactions have become easier and closer to Western norms one may still run into some difficulties.  Most changers will now take USD in a variety of conditions.  However, it is still very common for bills […]

Hard Rock Cafe Yangon

Hard Rock Cafe Yangon Standard HRC menu serving burgers and American classics. Live music venue on the weekends. Good service. Located at Myanmar Plaza Mall. Take the elevator closest to the west entrance to the 5th floor, then walk around the corner to your right.

Inya Day Spa

Inya Day Spa is the premier spa in Yangon. The Masseuses are skilled, they offer a wide variety of services, and their facilities are top notch. Their main location on Inya road is an oasis of calm. As you enter from the street you remove your shoes and are escorted across a small bridge over a tranquil koi pond and into […]

Kafe in Town

The Kafe in Town has western style coffee, modern, climate controlled atmosphere with comfortable seating and Western-style desserts such as cheesecake, brownies, carrot cake. Smoothies, and fresh fruit juice.


Mountain City in the north of Myanmar. a great place to cool down in the hot season. To get there you can drive the 8-10 hours from Yangon or fly into the airport at Heho. Hotels Hillock Villa Kalaw Heritage Hotel Dream Mountain Resort Dream Villa Hotel Restaurants New Simple Life Red House Tour operators Ride Behind Kalaw Miscellaneous Kalaw […]

Mahar Wizaya Stupa

Mahar Wizaya was built in 1980 with relics contributed by the King of Nepal and constructed by a new architect and represents a mix of Mon-Burma Culture. It is located just beyond the Southern Stairway of Shwedagon Pagoda. When you enter from the Eastern Stairway, you will see many tortoises that were given sanctuary in the lake and if you […]


Mahlzeit is the premier German restaurant in Yangon. They offer a broad range of dishes from across Germany. Their selection of schnitzel is especially impressive. They have a quiet atmosphere and are family friendly. Parking is plentiful in the parking garage next door. Find them online here.


Some of our favorite places in Mandalay Brolly Sky Bar Mandalay Hill Rocky Hilton Mandalay Indian Tadka Mandalay

Mandalay Hill

Rising over 200 meters above the city, this landmark is scattered with pagodas. There’s an elevator to the top but it’s considered an act of merit to climb via one of the four covered staircases. At the summit, you’ll find the Su Taung Pyae (translated as “Wish Fulfilling”) Pagoda as well as gorgeous views of the city.



The Mon have a long and proud history, even longer than the Bamar. The Mon state is centered on Mawlamyine in the southeast portion of Myanmar. Though mostly assimilated with the Bamar culture, the Mon continue to use their own language and have managed to retain their own state within the Union of Myanmar. As Buddhists, they have their own […]


Monsoon is a small Burmese cuisine restaurant with a wide selection of tea, fresh fruit drinks, smoothies, and coffee. Located at 85-87 Theinbyu Road, Botahtaung.


Myanmar isn’t a Southeast Asian country that is often on travelers “must see” lists, or planned for their great backpacking adventure. Which is a shame, because Myanmar is one of the most culturally preserved and exciting destinations in Asia. Myanmar is 10 ½ hours ahead of Washington D.C. during daylight savings time and 11 ½ hours ahead during the fall and […]

Names in Myanmar

Myanmar names may consist of a single word (“Nu,” for example), two words (“Hla Min”) or three words (“Khin Maung Myint”), but each is a complete unit.  If you use only one word of the name you destroy its meaning.  Thus, it is simply incorrect to call someone named Myint Aung, “Mr. Aung” or “Myint.” Therefore, it is incorrect to shorten […]

New Simple Life

The New Simple Life Restaurant in Kalaw, Myanmar has a delicious selection of Italian dishes, sandwiches, and salads. Finding the restaurant is not as simple as its name. Follow the signs from downtown Kalaw, they will point you towards the small single lane road where the restaurant is located.

Parami Pizza

With their wood-fired pizza’s, wide variety of Italian dishes, and well-mixed cocktails, Parami Pizza is the most accessible and affordable Italian restaurant in Yangon. Parami Pizza has several locations across Yangon including the main location on Sayar San road. The Sayar San road location also includes an indoor playground, complete with ball pit, trampoline, and a slide. Delivery and catering […]

Pearl Condo

When it was first built the Pearl Condo complex was the destination for food, entertainment, and quality apartments. It was, I am told, the best place to live. While I’m sure that was true under the rule of the Tatmadaw and when sanctions were in full effect, Pearl Condo is a shadow of its former glory. Despite its crumbling veneer, […]


Closely related to the Bamar, the Rakhine inhabit Rakhine state. Although they share the same Tibeto-Burman ancestors as the Bamar, the Rakhine have darker complexions, an indication of the regions 2000 year history of contact with Indian traders, sailors, and settlers. The Rohingya The Rohingya of Myanmar is one of the worlds most embattled minorities. Living in Rakhine state, the […]