Kokang Self-Administered Zone

The Kokang Self-Administered Zone (Burmese: ကိုးကန့် ကိုယ်ပိုင်အုပ်ချုပ်ခွင့်ရ ဒေသ [kóka̰ɴ kòbàɪɴ ʔoʊʔtɕʰoʊʔ kʰwɪ̰ɴja̰ dèθa̰]), as stipulated by the 2008 Constitution of Myanmar, is a self-administered zone in northern Shan State. The zone is intended to be self-administered by the Kokang people. Its official name was announced by decree on 20 August 2010.[2]

Government and politics

The Kokang Self-Administered Zone is administered by a Leading Body, which consists of at least ten members and includes Shan State Hluttaw (Assembly) members elected from the Zone and members nominated by the Burmese Armed Forces. The Leading Body performs both executive and legislative functions and is led by a Chairperson. The Leading Body has competence in ten areas of policy, including urban and rural development, road construction and maintenance, and public health. [3]

Administrative divisions

The Kokang Self-Administered Zone consists of two townships:[4]

Both townships are administratively part of Laukkaing District.

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Coordinates: 23°44′31″N 98°34′49″E / 23.74194°N 98.58028°E / 23.74194; 98.58028